Benildus House

St Benildus (Pierre Romancon)

St Benildus was born in Thuret, France, on 14 June 1805.  He joined the Institute and devoted himself with great zeal to the school apostolate, and in particular to the teaching of catechism.  St Benildus lived in Saugues for 21 years and had the joy of seeing many vocations develop.  He was a model of piety and charity.

Endowed with remarkable judgement, St Benildus was a counsellor to his Brothers and led pupils and their parents to eternal salvation.

St Benildus died at Saugues on 13 August 1862.  He was beatified by Pius XII on 4 April 1948, and canonised by Paul VI on 29 October 1967.

His feast is celebrated by the Church on 13 August (some places it is celebrated on 29 January).

At La Salle College, Benildus House is represented by the colour gold.

Benildus House Coordinator:   Mr Steven Nicholas

Benildus House Captains:        Matthew Mason and Caitlyn Veenhoven


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