The Delagram

Newsletter of La Salle College

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Below is link to download the latest copy of the Delagram in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you may download it free from Adobe.

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Delagram-2020-14PDF7.59 MB11 Dec, 2020 Download

Delagrams from 2020

All Delagrams published this year.

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Delagram-2020-1PDF11.38 MB21 Feb, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-2PDF3.14 MB06 Mar, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-3PDF4.39 MB20 Mar, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-4PDF1.86 MB05 Jun, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-5PDF1.87 MB26 Jun, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-6PDF2.10 MB31 Jul, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-7PDF2.16 MB14 Aug, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-8PDF1.90 MB30 Aug, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-9PDF1.90 MB11 Sep, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-11PDF1.95 MB23 Oct, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-12PDF6.12 MB09 Nov, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-13PDF7.86 MB30 Nov, 2020 Download
Delagram-2020-14PDF7.59 MB11 Dec, 2020 Download
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