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19 December 2019


Upon the completion of their exams, Year 9 students at La Salle have been undertaking a cross curricular project in their Science, HaSS and Religion classes aimed at making them aware of important issues facing humanity across the globe. The project was titled “Changing the World by 2030” and was the brainchild of the respective Leaders of Learning of Science (Ms Stephanie Griffiths), HaSS (Mr Scott McIlroy) and Religion (Mr Brendan Bomford).


It saw students forming small groups and researching the various United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals, selecting one of them to investigate in-depth, and finally coming up with a viable solution or solutions to their particular issue that were presented as a multi-media presentation to a series of judges including College Principal Ms Fiume and numerous other staff from across the College.

The students were introduced to a Solution Fluency Framework to help them problem solve. This framework is a sequence of deliberate skills and processes to help them to better solve problems, develop critical and creative thinking skills, and to work collaboratively as a team under the guidance of their enthusiastic teachers.


Pope Francis recently addressed young people in Madagascar saying that "Jesus calls each person to move forward and to find ways to make a contribution to improving society" and that we should always be "on the move, acting, committed, certain that the Lord is supporting and accompanying us". This project incorporated Catholic Social Teaching principles and was a call for each of our young people to strive to be the change that they want to see in the world.

"The project proved to be very successful and was not only a wonderful way to keep the Year 9 students actively involved in meaningful and relevant work at the end of the academic year, but also to ensure that they are engaging with real world issues and developing 21st Century skills to help them move forward in life." Mr Scott McIlroy


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