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11 December 2019


The Year 11 and Year 10 Childcare classes spent the final weeks of the term working on a community project. It is a wonderful opportunity for the students to “give back” and really make a difference in someone’s life. The Year 11 Children, Family and Community class chose to support “Care Bags for Kids.” This is a volunteer organisation that provides children with a backpack filled with all the basic necessities when put into emergency foster care. The Year 10 Childcare classes chose a number of different services and organisations to provide with care packages. These included homeless people at St Bartholomew’s House, Little Things for Tiny Tots, Saint Vincent de Paul, and Tuohy Nursing home. We are extremely proud of the efforts that the students put in to fundraise and plan for this task and they have truly touched the hearts of those they helped in our community.

Ms Kristy Meyers
Children, Family and Community Teacher




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