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17 October 2019


During Term 3, La Salle College's Performing Arts students were involved in the annual Catholic Performing Arts Festival.  Students experienced a great deal of success and showcased their outstanding talents.  Special mention and congratulations are extended to the Concert Band that was acknowledged with the University of Notre Dame Award for the best performing Secondary Concert Band.


"We are extremely proud of our students, all of whom were fantastic ambassadors for the College.  The performance and conduct of all students involved was a credit to them and they are to be congratulated on a fine effort.  On behalf of the College, I commend Mr Christopher Milne, Mrs Shellie Rodriguez, Mrs Miriam Schimmel, Mrs Jennifer Waller, Mrs Sarah Dunne, Mrs Helen Gordon and all of our Music and Dance Tutors for preparing our students to represent La Salle in this significant event.

Ms Giovanna Fiume, Principal


The Performing Arts staff would like to thank families for their support in preparing and transporting students, with a special thank you to family and friends who attended performances.



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