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19 August 2019

Science week

Last week, the Science Team were very busy organising a great number of lunchtime activities for our students to celebrate Australian National Science Week with the theme being ‘Destination: Moon’.


We have had a group of excited Year 7 students participate in a ‘Space Capsule Moon Landing’ competition, we launched mini rockets on the oval with roaring success, ran a PCG online quiz, fed students ice-cream made with liquid nitrogen and have screened ‘Last Man on the Moon’ in the Auditorium to a group of die-hard space fans! Some classes even spent the week designing and building water bottle rockets to compete for the highest launch!



My special thanks to the work of our amazing team of Science Teachers and Lab Technicians for making 2019 Science Week such a special one. We love the opportunity to promote the fascinating and diverse learning opportunities on offer in the area of SCIENCE!


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