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24 June 2019


For the past two days, De La Salle Brother and La Salle College Board Member, Br Mandy Dujunco, has been visiting classes sharing stories with the students, which is not unusual, considering he has written children’s books – Crank the Crab, The Monkey’s Hammer and his award-winning book, Johnny’s Big Secret.

"I find that lessons based around stories with a clear message can be very powerful for children".

Br Mandy even shared his talents on his ukulele, which he taught himself through YouTube two years ago.


Br Mandy was born in the Philippines and his journey towards becoming a De La Salle Brother began in Year 7 when he was moved by the kindness shown by one of the Brothers at his old school La Salle Green Hills, near Manila.

"One of the Brothers noticed I had a broken crucifix while we were saying the rosary together in our dormitory and a few weeks later he presented me with a new set of rosary beads. That had a really powerful impact on me which has remained with me through my life".


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