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10 June 2019


During the College Assembly on 29 May, four Year 7 students were acknowledged as the Year 7 Councillors for 2019.

We congratulate Rensuk Jadawani, Lydia Belay, Jaiden Clemsha and Cooper Casey.

"Over the last few weeks Ms Taryn Mohen, Year 7 Coordinator and Ms Fiona Flower, Deputy Principal have been working through the process of fulfilling our Year 7 Student Representative Council positions. I would like to say a big thank you to all the students who put in the time and effort, writing up their application and preparing themselves for their group interview. Your hard work definitely has been appreciated and it doesn’t go without being recognised."

Ms Alexandra Lintern
Student Representative Council Coordinator

Being selected as a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is a significant achievement. There are representatives from each of the year groups and Year 12 students are responsible for particular portfolios that include; The Arts, Music, Sport, Christian Ministry and House. There are also special roles of Academic Captains, Student Community Captains, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and the Head Boy and Head Girl.

The selection process for all SRC members takes place at the end of Term 3 and students are ‘in office’ until the end of Term 3 the following year. Students are elected based on staff recommendation; this includes the Pastoral Care Advisor (PCA), House Coordinators and Year Coordinators, as well as a student vote. Upper school students also undergo an interview in order to select the best candidate for the various roles within the SRC.  These students are acknowledged to the College community at Presentation Evening at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.   Current Year 7 students are selected in Term 2 of that year.

In order to be eligible as a member of the Student Representative Council, a student must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Positive attitude towards the College.
  • Commitment to the College Mission Statement.
  • Attendance and support of College functions, e.g. Athletics Carnivals, House Activities, etc.
  • Complies with uniform and grooming standards.
  • Good school record.
  • Polite to teachers and students.
  • Good communication skills. (e.g. with staff, students, public speaking, presenting ideas)
  • A sense of responsibility.
  • High level of motivation.
  • Sound organisational skills.
  • Cooperation and teamwork skills.





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