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15 May 2019


On Tuesday 14 May, La Salle College was honoured to have Br Lewis Harwood, De La Salle Brother and Director of Vocations at this morning's Principal's Community Prayer Breakfast.


Br Lewis shared with us what prayer is, why we pray and how we can pray. He also provided us with prayer tips: create time each day for prayer, have a Bible to read and reflect on passages from the Scriptures and Psalms, download some prayer apps. De La Daily app provides daily quotes and reflections from St John Baptist de La Salle.


Brother Lewis shared the five characteristics of prayer:


1.       Prayer as intimacy.   Love and our dependence with God.

2.       Prayer as gratitude.  For the gift of life and the gifts we have been given.

3.       Prayer as mission.   Helping others, togetherness.

4.       Prayer as communion.  Relationship with God and others.

5.       Prayer as silence.  The great universal prayer.


St John Baptist de La Salle teaches us to pray with the 'eyes of faith'. Prayer is a form of listening to our experiences and seeing the goodness in others.


St Paul teaches us about spiritual awakenings or prayer as transformation.

All who gathered took part in a prayer activity or exercise with the ‘magic eye’.  We were given a picture to view and say what object we could see.   After looking carefully, each person could see a different image emerge.   

Just like prayer, slowly but surely an image emerges and we start to see or recognise God’s grace and love.

At the conclusion of the prayer, all gathered in the Peter Elloy Staff Centre for breakfast served by the Certificate III in Hospitality students.


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