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14 February 2019


Today, Thursday 14 February La Salle College celebrated the first Community Mass for Term 1.

It is an opportunity for staff, parents and students to gather together in prayer and celebrate the Eucharist each Thursday morning from 8:00am in the St John Baptist de La Salle Chapel.

Each week a Pastoral Care Group participates in the readings for the Mass. 

Term 1

Week 2  Jordan - J1 & J2
Week 3  Jordan - J3, J4, J5
Week 4  Jordan - J6, J7, J8
Week 5  Brigid - G1, G2
Week 6  Brigid - G3, G4
Week 7  No Mass
Week 8  Brigid - G5, G6
Week 9  Brigid - G7, G8


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