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31 January 2019


"Right from the beginning of our time in Sydney we were greeted and welcomed with open arms by the Lasallian ministers and volunteers. Each and every one of them are so down to earth and approachable which made settling and being comfortable extremely easy. The way in which the whole experience was run so smoothly is a true testament to the character of the Ministers and Volunteers and to how much work was put in to making the trip an experience none of us will ever forget.


Lasallian Leaders Seminar was an unforgettable and indescribable experience. This camp was an incredible opportunity to grow individually and as a team, by facilitating students and young leaders to engage in connections and networking with other Lasallian schools within our district on an international level. It was an opportunity to learn about our wider community.

Whilst in Sydney, we had the opportunity to hear the life stories and leadership journeys of students and mentors from all walks of life, and how their courage and perseverance had allowed them to overcome obstacles and hardship to achieve their goals. This was a true highlight for us and our peers and certainly an experience which will drive us in our future pursuits. On arrival, we were thrust into the unknown, and were split up from our friends and school having to step out of our comfort zones and introduce ourselves.

However, we soon began to connect and form meaningful friendships, and through taking part in several different activities, that were both informative and fun such as team building activities, ice breakers, sharing and learning about each other’s experiences, our bonds began to cement. This has enabled us to form life-long bonds between the students and Lasallian schools sharing our commonalities and celebrating our diversities". 

Kaelan Cash

Head Boy


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