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21 December 2018


In Lasallian tradition, the Year 12 Graduation Ball was held at the conclusion of the year. A time when the exams are completed and the formalities of Graduation Mass and Presentation Evening have concluded.

It is the opportunity and final celebration of being together as a year group for six years. Continuing with the Lasallian tradition, parents and staff are also invited to attend. For parents, it is the occasion to share together in the pride and excitement of this very special evening, not only for their own son or daughter but also their friends that they have grown up with, and the friendships that the parents have gained through their association at La Salle College.

On Tuesday 4 December, we went back in time to the 1920s for the Great Gatsby inspired theme. The Grand Ballroom at The Crown was filled with excitement and beautifully dressed young men and women.

Ms Shonnie Murphy, Year 12 Coordinator introduced each student and they processed to be welcomed and congratulated by Mr Wayne Bull, Principal and Ms Rachael Keenan, Deputy Principal - Year 12. Fr Richard Sadowski said the prayer and together, Jacob Schelfhout (Head Boy), Lauren Versaci (Head Girl), Samuel Denham-White (Deputy Head Boy) and Amy Hancock (Deputy Head Girl) read the final Graduation Affirmation.

Following again in tradition, the students asked their parents, family or staff member for the first dance.

The evening was certainly a night to remember and memories to always treasure.

Many friendships will continue, though for others through the busyness of life, their new careers or study paths this may not. However, through our Alumni, the members in the Class of 2018 will be invited to attend the reunion dinner in 2020 and will be kept up to date with upcoming functions and events. Through our Alumni we wish to maintain the spirit of La Salle College.



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