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14 September 2018


Last year marked 100 years since the Blessed Virgin Mary graced three children with her presence in Fatima, Portugal. Our Lady is said to have visited three young shepherds, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta while they were out in the fields watching their sheep. The children saw a bright light over a nearby oak tree and a lady dressed in white was enshrined within. The lady told them that she came from Heaven and that she would visit them at the same time and at the same place each month for the next six months. The visit gained much attention with the local authorities who believed the attention gained by these events was politically disruptive. The young shepherds were asked by Mary to say the Rosary every day to bring peace to the world to end the First World War.


The statue is currently embarking on a pilgrimage from Rome where it was blessed by Pope Francis before setting off around world. The Our Lady of Fatima statue has recently been visiting parishes around Perth and will continue to do so over the next week before she departs.

The statue visited La Salle College on Thursday 6 September where a Mass was held and students had the opportunity to visit during Religious Education classes.


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