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02 September 2018

APEX FASHION - At the Cutting Edge of Youth Potential

La Salle College Textiles and Fashion students have been working hard all year in preparation for the APEX Australia Teenage Fashion and Arts (AATFA) Youth Festival.  

This festival is a unique opportunity for secondary students interested in the fashion or design industries to demonstrate their skill and flair through a friendly competition. 

The College congratulates La Salle College students on their achievements during the WA AATFA with  Perth heats at Lake Joondaup Baptist College on 25 August.

Congratulations to Breahna Slater (Year 10), Brianna Dawson and Chantel Sino (Year 12) who modelled their fantastic outfits.


Special congratulations to Corinne Fairbotham (Year 12) who goes through to the State Final with her evening gown. The State Finals will be held in Mandurah in September.


 This year's theme for WA is 'At the Cutting Edge of Youth Potential'.




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