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09 August 2018

West Coast Eagles - Kicking Goals

On Sunday 22 July the West Coast Eagles curtain raiser saw the Kicking Goals program students take on students from La Salle College.

Each year the Kicking Goals program rewards high achieving students with this opportunity to travel from the Pilbara towns of Port Hedland and Newman to face off against a local secondary school within the Swans District. Over the years, La Salle College has fielded a team on a number of occasions, organised by stalwart of the College’s football program, Joe Sorgiovanni.

West Coast Eagles Schools & Community Coordinator and former La Salle College student James Grabski saw it fitting to acknowledge Joe in his final year of coaching at the College with an invitation to play in this match, the first-ever Kicking Goals curtain raiser at Optus Stadium.

"This important match was played at Optus Stadium on Sunday July 22nd between a combined team from Hedland and Newman Senior High Schools and La Salle College Middle Swan. Our team was made up of 4 girls and the rest boys from Year 7 to 10 with the visitors mainly Year 10 students.

A very excited group of Lasallian students travelled from school to Optus Stadium knowing they would be creating their own history by playing on the hallowed turf of this magnificent stadium. This was especially significant for the girls.

The intent of this match was not about winning, but to provide the students from Hedland/Newman with the opportunity to experience playing in Perth as a reward for their attitude and attendance at school and to also display their football skills.

The match was 4 x 15 minute quarters and was played in outstanding spirit between the two sides. Whilst the boys were not allowed to tackle the girls they soon found out that, the girls from both sides took full advantage of showing the boys how hard they could apply full rule tackling.

The final score La Salle 18 Goals 13 points to Newman/Port Hedland 1 Goal 2 points did not reflect the manner in which the game was played. The score may indicate a one sided match, this was not the case as the Pilbara boys and girls gave their all. We were very impressed by their commitment and never give up attitude.

It is difficult to single out better players as everyone gave their all however, strong contributions were made by Max Chipper, Ben Weymouth, Mason Spragg and the clash between Ella Collins and Katie Glancy.

It was indeed an honour to be involved in this special match and I look forward to the opportunity to be involved again. I am extremely proud of manner in which our players represented La Salle before, during and the way they interacted after the match whilst they watched the West Coast win over the Western Bulldogs.

Special thanks to Mr Lombardi, Mr Caniglia, Mr Milligan, Ms Congdon, Ms Morana,  Mrs Taylor our two runners Lauren and Matthew, the Versaci family and especially all the parents and friends who came along to support our players.

It is also important to acknowledge Midland Bus Company for providing the transport to and from Optus Stadium at no cost to the College.

I could not have asked for a nicer group of young footballers to be involved with as I farewell my coaching career over the last 38 years at La Salle. I look forward to following their endeavours in football both at the College and beyond. They have done us all proud.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to both Kim Hannah and James Grabski from the West Coast Eagles for giving me and the students the opportunity to participate in these matches".

Mr Joe Sorgiovanni


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