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24 June 2018

Welcome to Country / Smoking Ceremony

On Tuesday 10 April the Aboriginal Education staff took part in a workshop  presented by Roslyn Snyder to learn about Indigenous healing practices, trauma and techniques to be able to unpack the students' feelings, through art. 

Roslyn Snyder together with Shaun Nannup have been creating magical transformations for the last 12 years and last year launched their new company WISDOM in Your Life.   They share psychological and Aboriginal ways of healing, connecting, creating and knowing.

Prior to the workshop, Nooongar man, Daniel Garlett did the Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony.  He was joined by his two sons on the clapping sticks.   

By being part of the Smoking Ceremony, the staff are cleansed prior to the workshop in order for them to take on the new way of thinking.   

"For the Aboriginal Culture, this ceremony has real significance for our way of life.  This is a chance to cleanse ourselves of negativity and bad spirits.  It is also an opportunity for the elders of that country to guide us on our journey in their land.   The fire is another symbol that plays a part not just to make tools, cook food, or for warmth but it was used as a tool to help pass on traditional stories and songs.  These two ceremonies are important traditions that are carried out.

The Smoking Ceremony involves a traditional owner of the country you are on, to burn leaves and other materials, like bark from the grass tree or in my country we burn sandal wood.    The people participating in the ceremony will walk past the smoke.  This is a time of reflection and there is generally a song sung accompanied by the didgeridoo."  Ms Kym Oakley, Coordinator of Aboriginal Education. 


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