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13 June 2018


The Philosophy Club commenced this year with a core group of 7 to 10 students attending after school in the alternative seating environment in B3.


La Salle College teachers Mr Karl Trainor, Mr Matt Pinkerton and Ms Ana Vranjes discuss various topics and sessions such as ancient Greek philosopher Plato, German Philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche to the modern philosophers such as the Dali Lama.  Discussion on Futurism to new theories within the field of physics and the works of the world’s great leaders.


The purpose of the club is to open students’ minds to the possibilities that each one of us hold within and to provide an environment that models a university tutorial setting as well as the chance to network with like-minded individuals.


Students wishing to join the Philosophy Club, can contact contact Mr Trainor, Ms Vranjes or Mr Pinkerton


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