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28 February 2018

Welcome to New Students and Families

On 31 January all Year 7s gathered as a cohort for the first time in the Patricia Rodrigues Centre to be welcomed by our Acting Principal, Ms Rachael Keenan, Deputy Principal (Year 7), Ms Fiona Flower, Year 7 Coordinator, Ms Taryn Mohen and House Coordinators.   During the day they were introduced to their Pastoral Care Advisor (PCA) and the Year 12s within their Pastoral Care Group (PCG). The Year 12s guided them around the College to enable them to become familiar with their classrooms and lockers.

For our new Year 8 to 11 students an induction was held in the Laurence Murphy SDS Senior Learning Centre followed by a tour of the College by their peer support buddy and concluded with morning tea.

In the weeks that followed, the House Coordinators - Mr Steven Nicholas (Benidlus), Ms Lani Piggott (Brigid), Ms Clhoe Congdon (Jordan), Ms Penny Power (La Salle) Ms Alexandra Renshaw (MacKillop), Mr Adam Thorne (McCormack), Ms Amy Griffiths (Mutien) and Ms Rachel Kealley (Solomon) organised and held a breakfast for the new students in their House.  It was the opportunity to meet and welcome new families to the College.


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