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29 November 2017

Year 7 2018 Orientation

Monday 20 November was Orientation Day for Year 7s starting 2018. Some came in looking anxious, not knowing what to expect, while others were beaming with excitement about the thought of starting high school in the new year.

Ms Taryn Mohen Year 7 Coordinator for 2018 had organised a fun filled day for the students in various learning areas.  Students traced their hands and decorated them during Art.  They got to use the stage in the Auditorium participating in Drama activities, play sports in the Gymnasium and watch Science teachers demonstrate experiments in the Lab. All activities took place in their House group which gave them an opportunity to get to know their House Coordinator.

The Amazing Race challenge around the school enabled theses students to locate important places, classrooms and offices so they wouldn't get lost on campus. Students got to line up outside the canteen to collect their recess and lunch to prepare them for what might seem like the rush hour during break times. There is much to look forward to in 2018! Bet they can't wait.




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