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14 June 2017

Nikita Mawhirt recipient of the Pierre de Coubertin Award 2017

Congratulations to Nikita Mawhirt Year 11 student, nominated by the College to receive the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin award 2017, on Friday 9 June. The Pierre de Coubertin award provides secondary schools with an opportunity to reward one outstanding student with Olympic recognition and acknowledge that they represent the school at the highest standard both on and off the field.

The founder of Modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, born in Paris in 1863  was convinced of the importance of sport for the development of the individual. As an educational theorist, he believed that the qualities of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play should be encouraged in young people who participate in sports and competitive games, which reflected the spirit of the Olympics.

 As such, this award is presented not only based on leading performance but also demonstration of excellent drive, strong character and high ideals. Nikita’s successful nomination has led her to be the 2017 Pierre de Coubertin award recipient for La Salle College.




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