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School contact information, Leadership Team and Administration Staff 2019


Principal :                      Ms Giovanna Fiume        

Vice Principal:               Mr Adrian Martino           

(Christian Ministry and Year 8)                    


Acting Deputy Principal :          Ms Angela Johnson        

(Curriculum: Teaching, Learning & Innovation and Year 11)


Deputy Principal :               Mr Danny Battistessa   

(Curriculum: Operational, ICT and Year 12) 

Deputy Principal:                 Ms Natalie Calleja         

(Student Services and Year 9)

Deputy Principal :                  Mrs Fiona Flower           

(Student Services, School Improvement and Year 7)


 Dean:                                Mr Richard Williams             

(Dean of Staff and Year 10)    

Dean:                                   Ms Tricia McGregor            

(Student Diversity and Boarding)

Bursar :                                    Ms Niamh Barnden       



Principal's Personal Assistant:      Ms Rachael Langdon  


 Executive Assistant:                   Ms Aileen Duncan        


Finance and Human Resources Manager: Ms Shirley Walraven

Office Manager:                                Ms Janeen Mewburn  

Registrar:                                        Ms Nicole Wright           

 Community Relations Manager:      Ms Sabrina Lynsdale     


Contact Information

La Salle College
5 La Salle Avenue
Middle Swan, Western Australia 6056
PO Box 1674 MIDLAND Western Australia 6936
Ph: +61 8 9449 0601
Absentee Line: +61 8 9449 0682

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